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Meal Prepping

Fitness experts far and wide sing the praises of meal prep as a means to support good life habits and reach new fitness goals. If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to lose weight or get healthier, preparing your meals a week at a time is a great vessel to get to whatever your goals may be. If you are not convinced, or if you need a bit more incentive to get started, here are a few points to consider.

Saves time
Preparing a week’s worth of meals in a single evening has the inherent benefit of saving time that you would otherwise spend getting together meals on a nightly basis. Bodybuilding.com recommends meal-prepping on Sundays as you wind down the weekend and prepare for the start of another week; doing this ensures that your prep time will not butt up against work obligations, and it minimizes the likelihood of it interfering with weekend plans. Prepping on Sunday also ensures that whatever you prepare will still be good to eat by the time Friday rolls around.
What’s more, it is entirely plausible to prepare multiple styles of meals in one session. As DailyBurn.com points out, you can create dividers on a cooking sheet with aluminum foil to cook foods with different flavor profiles – for example, use it to cook a few portions of barbecue chicken, a few portions of garlic pepper chicken and a few portions of hot buffalo chicken.

Saves money
The ability of meal prepping to save you money is two-fold: planning your meals ahead and having them ready to roll helps reduce the possibility of getting to the office without a lunch, meaning you will not spend money eating out. Additionally, Shape.com points out that meal-planning enables you to reduce the potential for wasted food by giving you a better sense of portion and getting you used to the idea of only cooking what you need. What’s more, preparing your meals ahead of time and having a schedule allows you to better budget grocery expenses.

Saves calories
The biggest advantage to meal prepping is the manner in which it facilitates your fitness goals, whether it be losing weight or putting on muscle. Bodybuilding.com notes that meal prep allows for complete control of your macronutritional intake, allowing you to better track your fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Doing so will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of dietary changes more accurately, and it will provide better insight into what works for your needs. If you are looking to lose weight but find that the pounds are not coming off as quickly as you would prefer, you can geer your meal-prep toward more lean proteins and fewer carbohydrates. If you are looking to put on muscle, you can use your meal prep to experiment with a formula to help you break past plateaus.
Ultimately, there is no good reason not to start meal-prepping today. It is easy to do and easy to follow, and you will reap the benefits of preparing your food in advance sooner than you might think.

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