Lexus & Toyota Lease Return Center

Welcome to the the Lexus & Toyota Lease Return at Lexus of Northborough. As your current lease comes to an end, we want to make sure you’re as informed as possible about your options. At Lexus of Northborough we service any Lexus or Toyota currently leased with Lexus Financial Services or Toyota Financial Services with no purchase necessary. Whether you leased your car at here, another dealership, or an out-of-state dealership, we have you covered!
Have a current vehicle not under lease? Check out our We Buy Cars informational page here.






Looking to upgrade into a new Lexus? We’ll help you return your current lease and find your next Lexus in one seamless process. Start shopping online or contact us below to get started!



Ready to return your lease but interested in a non-Lexus vehicle? Lexus of Northborough will help you return your vehicle to us with no purchase necessary! Simply fill out the form below and our specialists will contact you to get started.



In love with your current leased vehicle? Lexus of Northborough can help you purchase your vehicle with no strings attached.






Q. Do I have to return my Lexus or Toyota vehicle to the same dealership that I bought it from?
A. No, you may return to a Lease Return Center like Lexus of Northborough.

Q. Can I get out of my lease before the term ends?
A. Yes, with historically high used values you may get out early when we purchase your vehicle for inventory. See a Specialist for details.

Q. If there is damage to the vehicle, am I responsible for it?
A. Yes, unless we buy the vehicle.
Q. Am I responsible for excess mileage?
A. Yes, unless you orLexus of Northborough the vehicle.
Q. What if I want to buy my own leased vehicle?
A. We can facilitate that for you at your pre-arranged purchase price on your contract. We don’t charge any prep/doc fees, and you can protect your investment again with available protection plans.
Q. What charges may I be responsible for?
A. You will be responsible for only past property tax or tickets you incurred during usage if we purchase your vehicle. If we don’t purchase your vehicle, you will be responsible for exactly what you contracted for (excess mileage penalties and/or potential excess wear and tear charges and the disposal fee).
Q. Why should I turn in my vehicle to your dealership?
A. We are an approved lease return center that makes it quick and easy for you. We buy most lease returns, saving you money.
Q. Do I need to make a reservation?
A. Like going to a nice restaurant, we would be better to serve you if we knew you were coming.


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